Call For Paper Journal of Education Partner (JEP)

Journal of Education Partner (JEP),  The paper submitted to the journal of education partner is original thought and research results of education and Islamic thought which has never been published in any journals, both national and international or not being loaded in the proposed other journals and is not a result of plagiarism of other people’s works proved by the affidavit of the originality of works.  P-ISSN: 2810-0689 dan E-ISSN: 2809-8846

Focus and Scope:
The journal of education partner published an article on the theme of education, using the language of Indonesia or the United Kingdom that includes the study of literature, conceptual thinking and research results in the field of education. These journals give priority to studies related to Islamic thought and education from different perspectives. This journal serves as a means and medium of communication that is used by researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, and practitioners to examine education and Islamic thought

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15 Desember 2023

Dr. Supandi. M.Pdi
(+62 818-572-332)

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